The Process

The first week

  1. Try our calculation tool to see if you may be eligible for a refund for overpaid rent.
  2. Use our online form to contact us in order to supply us with the relevant information. Shortly after, we will review your case and get back to you.
  3. If our specialists find that you have been paying too much rent and are eligible for a refund, we wll contact you in order to acquire the last
    relevant documents and specific information, if required.

The first months

  1. Our specialists take your claim to the Danish Housing Board. RentGuide handles all court costs and fees. 
  2. The Danish Housing Board are in ongoing contact with RentGuide, and also might require to inspect your apartment.
    Inspections take no more than 30 minutes and are usually handled by the client. RentGuide assists with planning the meeting.

The first half year

  1. The Danish Housing Board rules on your case.
    • If our specialist win your case, RentGuide transfers you the compensation as soon as it is available from the landlord,
      no matter whether you’re in Denmark or another country. RentGuide’s fee is 30 pct. of the compensation.
    • If our specialists loose your case, then all fees and costs are solely covered by RentGuide.
  2. If your landlord declines to pay then RentGuide handles the future debt collection, so you don’t have to worry about it.