Between [name, address]
(hereafter “Party A”)


Rent Guide IVS (CVR-no: 39402904) 
hereafter “Rent Guide”

Section 1. Purpose of the Contract

The purpose of this Contract is for Rent Guide to represent Party A with the aim of achieving a reduction in rent and/or compensation in regards to the lease located [address] on the terms and conditions as set out in this Contract.

Party A accepts and agrees that this Contract is irrevocable, cf. § 7.1.

Section 2. Mandate of proxy

Party A authorizes Rent Guide to perform the § 2.1-2.8 actions on behalf of Party A.

Party A authorizes Rent Guide to perform the § 2.1-2.7 actions on behalf of Party A. Party A accepts and agrees that Rent Guide can perform any and all of these actions as Rent Guide deems best, and that Rent Guide by virtue of this Contract shall not obtain Party A’s approval to the performances of (any part of) such actions, including, inter alia, the relevant communication.

§ 2.1: Bring a case to Huslejenævnet (Rent Control Board) in the relevant municipality.

§ 2.2: Bring a case to the relevant board of appeal.

§ 2.3: Bring a case to the relevant housing court.

§ 2.4: Appeal a decision from Huslejenævnet to the board of appeal or the relevant housing court.

§ 2.5: Represent Party A in all communication in relation to § 2.1-2.4 with all relevant parties.

§ 2.6: Make all decisions on behalf of Party A regarding § 2.1-2.5, including, but not limited to, (i) terminating the case, (ii) settling the case as Rent Guide deems best or (iii) continuing the case until a final decision/award is made by the relevant board/tribunal/court etc.

§ 2.7: Make decisions regarding payment of relevant fees and charges. § 3 applies to these decisions.

§ 2.8: Party A has signed a power of attorney as documentation for a third party.

Section 3. Expenses

Expenses under § 3.1-3.2 will be covered by Rent Guide

§ 3.1: All fees and charges in relation to the mandate under § 2.

§ 3.2: Cost of postage in relation to § 2.

Section 4. Compensation

Compensation in this contract includes all surplus mentioned in § 4.1-4.3.

§ 4.1: Reduction in rent and prepaid rent.

§ 4.2: Compensation awarded in the cases mentioned in § 2.

§ 4.3: Compensation/rent reduction from any settlement made by Rent Guide on behalf of Party A.

Section 5. Division of compensation

Profit covered by § 4 shall be divided after the succession in § 5.1.

§ 5.1: The profit shall be divided by 30 % to Rent Guide and 70 % to Party A.

Example: If a settlement is reached with the landlord for DKK 50,000, Rent Guide shall be paid DKK 15,000 of such amount.

Profit covered by § 4 that is the product of a ruling from “Boligretten”, a city court or higher shall be divided after the succession in § 5.2.

§ 5.2: The profit shall first cover any expenses beyond the initial cost of submitting the case at the Housing Board of approximately 312 DKK that Rent Guide has incurred in their representation of Party A. The remaining profit shall then be divided by 30 % to Rent Guide and 70 % to Party A.

Example: If a court rules that Party A is entitled to a compensation of DKK 50,000 and a lawyer was involved at the cost of 5.000, Rent Guide shall be paid 30% of the remaining DKK 45,000, which would be DKK 13,500.

Section 6. Obligations of Party A

Party A is obliged to comply to § 6.1-6.3.

§ 6.1: Party A must supply Rent Guide with the relevant documentation in regards to the § 2 cases. The needed documentation is stated below.

  • Document with personal information. Name, current address, address of the lease relevant to the case, e-mail and telephone number.
  • Correspondence with the landlord.
  • Documentation for expenses.

§ 6.2: If such documentation is not provided by Party A to Rent Guide within 1 month after Party A’s signing of this Contract, Rent Guide can choose to terminated the Contract with immediate effect, in which case the expenses covered by § 3 shall be reimbursed by Party A to Rent Guide.

§ 6.3: If Party A breach this Contract and itself (or by another proxy) settle the case with the landlord or try it before the relevant board/tribunal/court etc., Party A shall pay to Rent Guide 50% of the obtained settlement and/or awarded amount by the board/tribunal/court etc. In all other cases of breach of Contract by Party A, Rent Guide shall be entitled to all remedies, including, but not limited to, damages, under Danish law.

Section 7. Termination for Convenience

The following shall apply with respect to termination for convenience (in Danish: “opsigelse”).

§ 7.1: Party A cannot terminate this Contract for convenience.

§ 7.2: Rent Guide can terminate this Contract for convenience with two weeks prior written notice to Party A.

Section 8. Duration of Contract

§ 8.1:  This Contract shall enter into force from the date of Party A’s signature, which is the only signature needed for this Contract to come into effect.

§ 8.2: The Contract remains in force until (i) a final decision/award has been made by the relevant board/tribunal/court etc., cf. § 2.1-2.4, or a settlement with the landlord has been reached, and (ii) the profit has been divided between Party A and Rent Guide, cf. § 4-5.

Section 9. Dispute resolution and choice of law

§ 9.1: This Contract shall be construed in accordance with the internal laws of Denmark.

§ 9.2: The parties hereby consent to the jurisdiction of the District Court of Copenhagen (Københavns Byret) in any dispute arising out of or relating to this Contract.