Contract of Representation

Between party A.

And the lease located at the entered address


Rent Guide IVS

§ 1: Purpose of contract

The purpose of this contract is for Rent Guide to represent party A with the aim of achieving a reduction in rent and/or compensation in regards to the lease.

§ 2: Mandate of proxy

Party A authorizes Rent Guide to perform the § 2.1-2.7 actions on behalf of party A.

§ 2.1: Bring a case to Huslejenævnet (rent control) in the relevant municipality.

§ 2.2: Bring a case to the relevant board of appeal

§ 2.3: Bring a case to the relevant housing court

§ 2.4: Represent the party regarding all communication in relation to § 2.1-2.3 with all relevant parties.

§ 2.5:  Appeal a decision from Huslejenævnet to the board of appeal or the relevant housing court.

§ 2.6: Make decisions regarding payment of fees and charges regarding the § 2.1-2.3 cases. § 3 applies to these decisions.

§ 2.7: Decide to terminate the case

§ 2.8: Party A has signed a power of attorney as documentation for a third party.

§ 3: Expenses

Expenses under § 3.1-3.3 will be covered by Rent Guide IVS.

§ 3.1: All fees and charges in relation to the mandate under § 2.

§ 3.2: Cost of postage in relation to § 2.

§ 4: Profit

Profit in this contract includes all surplus mentioned in § 4.1-4.3.

§ 4.1: Reduction in prepaid rent.

§ 4.2: Compensation awarded in the cases mentioned in § 2.

§ 5: Division of profit

Profit covered by § 4 shall be divided after the succession in § 5.1.

§ 5.1: The profit shall be divided by 30 % to Rent Guide IVS and 70 % to party A.

§ 6: Obligations of party A

Party A is obliged to comply to § 6.1-6.3.

§ 6.1:  To terminate the contract before a final decision party A must reimburse Rent Guide IVS for the expenses covered under § 3.

§ 6.2: Party A must supply relevant documentation in regarding to the § 2 cases. The needed documentation is covered in § 7. If documentation is not provided by party A the case will be dismissed and the expenses covered by § 3 shall be reimbursed by party A.

§ 6.3: Party A must not seek other representation in regards to rent related cases in a period of 12 months after termination of contract in relation to § 6.1-6.2.

§ 7: Relevant documentation

The documents in § 7.1-7.4 shall be provided by part A no later than 1 month after the  signing of this contract.. If no such document exists party A is to inform Rent Guide IVS as soon as possible and no later than one month after the signing of this document.

§ 7.1: Document with personal information. Name, current address, address of the lease relevant to the case, e-mail and telephone number.

§ 7.2: The lease relevant to this case

§ 7.3: Correspondence with the landlord.

§ 7.4: Documentation for expenses.

§ 8: Duration of contract

This contract shall enter into force after signing. The contract automatically expires 2 years after the signing with respect to § 7.1. The contract can be renewed during the term of contract.

§ 8.1: If a case is in action regarding to § 1 the contract cannot be terminated by party A before the case is decided and the profit divided.

§ 9: Jurisdiction and law

All disputes are to be solved in accordance to Danish law and the competent court is Københavns Byret (Copenhagen city court)