[Name] (principal) hereby confirms that I have given Rent Guide IVS (CVR-no 39402904) the power of attorney to, as Rent Guide IVS deems best, perform the following actions on my behalf regarding the lease located at [address].

  1. Submit a claim regarding the rent level for the lease to the Rent Control Board (Huslejenævnet), all appeal bodies and the relevant housing court.  
  2. Handle all correspondance with Huslejenævnet, all appeal bodies, and the relevant housing court, and the parties involved in the case.
  3. Negotiate and enter into final settlements directly with the landlord.
  4. Decide to appeal a decision.
  5. Receive the compensated rent on my behalf.

The above list is not complete and the power of attorney covers all aspects necessary to handle the case satisfactory. 

This power of attorney is in effect from [date] and remain in force while the case is still pending.