Is your rent too high?

Reduce your rent and get compensation from overpaid rent!

  • We will run your case

  • No cure, no pay

  • We take care of all fees

  • 100% win rate on cases

  • We keep 30% of the compensation

  • You keep 100% of future lowered rent

Calculate Compensation

Use our calculation tool to estimate the level of compensation your are entitled to.

It is free and without any binding.

The Process

1. Calculate your compensation

Use our calculation tool to see if you may be eligible for a refund for overpaid rent. If you are eligible for a refund use our form to submit your case.

2. We handle your case

Our specialists take your claim to the Danish Housing Board. Rent Guide handles all court costs and fees. The Danish Housing Board are in ongoing contact with Rent Guide, and also might require to inspect your apartment. Inspections take no more than 30 minutes and are usually handled by the client. Rent Guide assists with planning the meeting.

3. Receive your compensation

The Danish Housing Board rules on your case. If our specialist win your case, Rent Guide transfers you the compensation as soon as it is available from the landlord, no matter whether you’re in Denmark or another country. Rent Guide’s fee is 30 pct. of the compensation.




Total compensation of DKK 75,800

“A Truly Amazing experience working with Rent Guide on the case. I found Rent Guide and started my case with them. I realized that i am paying double the rent for my apartment and could receive a large compensation. Rent Guide has been really great. Rent Guide updated me on all milestones and provided all the required details. I got the funds as promised on the same day when they received the funds. A True gem when you are looking for legal help!”
Rent guide testimonial compensation case Eduardo


Total compensation of DKK 60,000

“Ever since day one, Rent Guide was of great help. The legal advisors are very knowledgeable and immensely responsive and always kept a fluent communication with me. I got a very good result thanks to Rent Guide’s help and I will definitely recommend them to everyone. Thanks for all the help!”

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