About Us

Why are we here

Founded in 2016, Rent Guide was a reaction to the unsustainable development on the Danish housing market. With landlords charging incredulous amounts of money for even the smallest private rooms, our mission is to reverse that development and make sure housing prices are fair.To be able to help everyone, our service is free and we take care of all fees during the process. We just ask for 30 percent of the compensation you receive if we win the case.

“We will prepare and present your case in order for you to get a refund for the overpaid rent, even if you have moved to another country in the meantime.!”

– Frederik Reichstein, Marketing Manager at Rent Guide

How did we get here

On a cold and grey fall day in Copenhagen, three people was sitting and sharing their frustration about the rental market in the Danish capital. How could it be possible that so many landlords took advantage of people desperate for finding a place to live – and how could they get away with it? They decided that something had to be done about it.

With backgrounds within the legal and economic sector they also realized they actually had the competencies to act on their frustration. That was how the idea of Rent Guide had its beginning.

One year later we have won several cases against profit-hungry landlords and thereby begun the journey of making the housing market of Copenhagen fair again. We continue do our work for as long as it is necessary and we are always willing to take on cases to secure affordable housing for as many as possible!

What makes us different?

At Rent Guide we strive to secure the best possible outcome of your case. We have a unique business model for this industry that ensures that when we secure the maximum compensation for you, we benefit from it as well.

That is because we never ask you to pay us anything for running your case, even if we do not win. Therefore, it will always be in our best interest to work hard not only to win the case, but also to get as high a compensation for you as possible.

Meet the team

Frederik Reichstein – Marketing Manager fr@rentguide.dk

Jonas No Sjølund – General Manager js@rentguide.dk

We are based in central Copenhagen and can be reached by info@rentguide.dk or through the contact form.

Registration number (CVR-no): 39402904.