Case: Compensation of 85.541 kr. gotten for tenant based in Frederiksberg

by Jonas No Sjølund | Published April 29, 2019

In this case from October 2018, we helped a tenant who lived in a 61 sqm apartment on Østerbro. We helped them lower their monthly rent from DKK 13.500 to DKK 8.000, which also resulted in a total compensation of DKK 85.541.

The Process

The process started as always with our experts making an initial assessment of the case. The primary goal is to assess whether they believe the tenant has been paying too much rent. After the initial assessment, our experts were convinced the tenant was paying too much rent. Based on our previous experiences the initial assessment is almost always correct. We therefore firmly believed that the Housing Board would award a solid compensation to the tenant.

Once the tenant confirmed they wanted us to represent them, our experts started preparing for the case. After only a few days, the preparations were finished and the case was submitted with the Housing Board. Usually, cases with the Housing Board takes about 3 months before a final ruling is made. In this time we make sure to be available to answer any questions or help with any issues the tenant might have related to the case. In this instance, there was an issue with an inspection of the apartment the Housing Board wanted to make. We handled all the communications with the Housing Board and the landlord. The tenant didn’t have to worry about anything other than sending it to us.

When the ruling was issued a little over 2 months after the case had been submitted, we handled the collection of the compensation from the landlord. Thereafter we transferred the compensation to the tenant, minus out fee, so it was in their account only 4 days after the ruling was issued.

The Result

The result was a compensation of DKK 85.541, which after Rent Guide had deducted our fee of 30%, was transferred into the tenant’s account barely 3 months after the case was first submitted to our website.

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