Case: Compensation of DKK 75.631 acquired through settlement for apartment on Østerbro

by Jonas No Sjølund | Published April 2, 2019

In this case from December 2018, we helped a tenant who lived in a 48 sqm apartment on Østerbro. Their rent was set to DKK 11.800, which we successfully lowered for them, leading to a final compensation of DKK 75.631.


The case started with our experts looking into the lease and the factual circumstances of the case (e.g. price pr. sqm, the condition of the apartment etc.). This led to an initial assessment of the case, and its chances. In this situation, our experts were quite convinced that the tenant was paying too much in rent.

Thereafter, we went into dialogue with the tenant to ensure that they wanted to move forward with the case. The tenant was nervous of whether the landlord would evict the tenant as a consequence of the case. Our experts then explained that it would be illegal, and not something to worry about.

At this stage, our experts initiated the preparation of the case, so that it could be submitted with the Housing Board. In the meantime, we’ve been working on negotiating a settlement with the landlord. This means the tenant can lower their rent and get their compensation much quicker. We often attempt at a settlement, since it can lead to a quicker and more painless solution for both parties. During this process, we always make sure to stay in close communication with the tenant, so we are certain that their wishes are respected throughout the negotiations.


The result was a payback of DKK 75.631, which was sent to our client after claiming the agreed 30 per cent. Rent Guide transferred the money to the client and the compensation was in the tenant’s account within 3 months of having submitted their case on our website.

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