Frequently asked questions

We’re often asked the same questions, so here’s a quick overview of the most common questions we receive and the answers we typically provide.

What happens if my landlord wins the case?

We have not lost any cases yet, and we plan to keep that record. In the unlikely event that your landlord wins, he/she will simply have the right to keep charging the same rent. In such a case, you will not have to pay us anything. It is only if we win your case that we ask for 30 percent of the compensation.

Do I need to do something while the case is being processed?

No. When we take your case, we’ll deal with all legal matters and contact with the Housing Board, your landlord and your landlord’s lawyers.

What can I expect to get back?

When we take your case to the Housing Board, you can expect to get your overpaid rent back to you. You can also expect to have your future rent lowered to the fair amount. All this with the least possible trouble.

How long does a case usually take?

This varies, and depends entirely on your specific case.

Is my apartment too new?

If the building you live in was built after December 31, 1991, it is difficult to determine a fair rent for your apartment. The Danish Government wanted more building projects back then, but contractors complained that the rent rules for apartments were too strict. The government decided to remove the old rules for buildings built in and after 1991 making it possible for landlords to charge a rent according to “the market”. That unfortunately means they can charge almost whatever rent they want.

Is my case too old?

If you have lived in your apartment for more than a year, you cannot receive compensation for the period you’ve been living there. We can however start a case based on your overpaid rent for the current year, but we always advice people to start a case before the exact date they have lived in their apartment for more than a year to receive the highest possible compensation.

Can my landlord keep my deposit, if I start a case?

No. Your landlord must have a viable reason for keeping some or all of your deposit. We will always include disputes about your deposit in the case.

Can my landlord kick me out, if I start a case?

No. It is not legal for a landlord to kick out a tenant just because a tenant starts a case. However we cannot guarantee that your landlord abides by the rules, and you should take this risk into consideration before starting a case. For more information about these rules, you can read our blog Can your landlord just kick you out to his own liking? Get the answer here.

What information do you need from me, in order to evaluate my case?

We will need to see a copy of your rental contract in order to evaluate your case. If you do not have your contract on you, or you simply wish to know more before uploading it, you can start by supplying the basic information about your apartment through our form to get an estimate of the potential of your case. We will not start anything before we have your final confirmation, so do not hesitate submitting your information.

What kind of cases do you take?

We’re called Rent Guide because we generally help people to lower their rent. If you think you’re paying too much rent for your apartment, then we’re happy to take a look at your case. If it turns out that you are in fact paying too much rent, we’ll take your case to the Housing Board, to get your overpaid rent back to you.

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