How to figure out if you are paying too much

by Alex | Published September 11, 2018

We have made a short guide to filling out our online calculator. Here you can read how to ensure a refund for your overpaid rent, and how to start your case with Rent Guide. It’s done quickly and can save you a lot of money.


On the front page of you are met by the calculator immediately. The first thing you need to do is choose whether the lease you want to evaluate is an entire apartment or a room. Press the appropriate button.

Once you have chosen whether you want to have an apartment or a room revied, please enter the address, square meter, rent and move-in date.

When you start typing your address, you can choose from a drop-down menu that appears and choose the correct number, floor and door.

When you put in the address, the square meter will mostly fill itself. If not, please write how many square meters your apartment is or your room as indicated in your lease contract.

Then you will have to write how much you pay in rent. In order for us to give an as accurate calculation as possible please provide your rent without utilities (internet, tv, etc.).

Finally, you must choose when your lease started. Here you must choose the date specified as the move-in date in your lease. If your contract is time-limited, you must also choose when your lease expires. If there is no time limit, you’ll just tick off the “No time limit” box.

When everything is filled out, press “Calculate compensation”!


Once you’ve been redirected from the front page, the calculator gives a quick assessment whether there is potential for a case that may reduce your rent. If it is estimated that you can save money or get compensation, you will be asked to fill out some extra information.

First, choose which condition your apartment is in – worn, standard or newly renovated. In addition, you must mark the apartment or the room is furnished by the landlord and if the building is built after 1991 – it will also often be filled in automatically.

Finally, fill in your name and email and press “Review my case”.


Then you will first be asked to create a password for your profile. Once you’ve done this, you will be directed to your case status page, where you can follow the process of your case and get updates every time something new happens. Here you can also fill in missing information and sign the documents we need in order to start your case.

This is also where you can continuously contact us via the chat function, on the status page.


Once everything is filled out, and all documents have been received, you can lean back and relax while we handle your case and all communication between The Housing Board, the landlord and the landlord’s attorney.

The whole process is done without you having to open your pocket – no matter if we win or lose the case. Once the case is won, we transfer the compensation to you, minus the 30% we take for running the case. Any reduction in rent you get in the future, is all yours to keep.


If you are in doubt about filling out the information for your case, please don’t hesitate contacting us through the chat features on your status page or via