My previous landlord will not pay me back my deposit. Can Rent Guide help me get it back?

by Frederik Reichstein | Published October 20, 2017

Short answer? Maybe!

But if you want to increase your chances of getting your deposit back, we here list our three best pieces of advice.

Do not sign!
What’s most important to remember is that you don’t sign the “fraflytningssyn” report unless you are absolutely sure, that you can agree to the listed flaws etc. of the apartment and that it’s your responsibility that the flaws are there. If you have not signed the report, it makes it much easier for us to work on getting your deposit back.

Signing without accepting
Some landlords have a bad tendency of forcing tenants into signing the report on the spot. If you are in such a situation, you can sign it but leave a comment that states “I do not agree with this report”.

Also, it is always a good idea to take a lot of pictures when you move in (and when you move out) if there are any flaws in the apartment. To assure the credibility of these pictures, you can send them in an email to your landlord right away so there’s proof of date and time of when the pictures were taken.

Contact us

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